Nanotrac Wave

Nanotrac Wave is a DLS Nanoparticle Size Analyzer which offers in 2 different models : Nanotrac Wave Q and Nanotrac Wave II . Nanotrac Wave Q is used to measure the particle from 0.8 to 6500 nm. The system is able to determine the Molecular Weight as well. Nanotrac Wave II is the same as Nanotrac Wave Q but it has the ability to determine the Zeta Potential too


Particle Size: 0.8 to 6500 nanometers (displayed in nanometers, microns or angstroms)

Zeta Potential: +/- 200 mV, Mobility 0 to 15.5 microns/sec/volt/cm, size range 10nm to 20 microns

Molecular Weight: 300 Da to 20x106Daltons, Hydrodynamic and Debye Plot with 2nd Viral coefficient calculation

Sample Volume: 150μl to 2ml Measurement Angle: 180 Degrees Repeatability:

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